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    Available courses

    Learn everything you need to know about creating and editing a project with Adobe FrameMaker.

    For more about formatting and managing projects, consider the FrameMaker Template Design workshop, where you'll learn the concepts of template-driven design.

    FM-DIG-PUB shows you how to deliver your content to your audience. You'll learn to set up HTML5, mobile, and other popular digital formats.

    Learn to create and work with structured content using FrameMaker 2017.

    This course has been entirely rewritten to take advantage of the new FrameMaker 2017 interface.

    The first course in this series, FM-AUTHOR, teaches you how to create and edit content in FrameMaker. This course, FM-TEMPLATES, teaches you how to specify formatting, and manage large amounts of content.

    Learn to screencast, voiceover, and edit short form video for your tech comm needs.